Qualifications Required
Office Hours
Days Off and Holidays
Paid Vacation and Leaves
Social Insurance


Commuting Expense
How to Apply

CPA or CPTA Licensee, Experienced Practitioners, Interest in Business Management
20`40@years old
9F00`17F30 iwith some over-time workj*Full payment of overtime
Sat , Sun , National (Red-Letter) Holidays
Personal Days, New Year Vacation, Congratulatory/Condolence Leave, Birthday Leave
Health Insurance, Pension, Unemployment Insurance & Workmanfs Compensation
According to Company Guidelines (including various allowances & fringe benefits)
Fully Covered
3-2-19 Motoazabu Minato-ku TOKYO
Telephone or E-mail Contact Mail or Fax Resume Interview Offer/No Offer
Human Resources Section

Our firm does not employ tobacco smokers or drug abusers.
Individuals who, one day, would like to get involved in management of enterprises.
Individuals who have strong sense of independence and desire for self-improvement.
To work for an accounting firm means the manager you aim to become is your client.
That is, you are in an enviable position to learn daily business operations and acquire
firsthand knowledge of accounting, finance, and taxation from your client face-to-face.
Becoming a CTA is also an important step towards achieving your goals.
Our firm values gStanceh more than just gSkillsh.
In other words, your gSense of Valueshis more important than gKnowledge & Skillsh.
Onefs sense of values comprises Characteristics and Attributes.
Characteristics define people who can reason intelligently and positively.
Attributes set apart those who are well-bred and possess cheerful, obliging personality.
We welcome an opportunity to work with people who share the same motivation.
Letfs imagine a car rally here.
The owner of a company is the driver, and you are the navigator.
The driver will always be your client, the company president.
You will sit in the front passenger seat, facing the same direction as the driver.
Now, you will need to provide various information and advice to the driver.

For example,
gWe have 5 km of straight road ahead, letfs speed up.h
gWe are fast approaching a curve, slow down and shift into 2nd gear.h
gIn another 30 km we will be low on fuel; we need to refuel at next gas stop.h
gWe are getting tired so letfs make a meal stop and rest a while.h
gItfs started to snow heavily; we need to put chains on.h
gWe have driven quite a distance; letfs stop to rest our car and inspect it.h
gThe tires are getting worn so we need to replace them.h
Etc., etc.

Yes, as you see, we are navigators who share the same company goals as the owners.
Thatfs right! Our job is to provide every conceivable piece of information that will
help anticipate the near future and to regularly check the condition of the business.
New Yearfs Party in Office
End of Tax Season Celebration Party
Cherry Blossom-Viewing Picnic (at Office)
End of Summer Party
Wine Party
Year-End Celebration Party

Opportunity to Attend Clientsf Ballet, Concert, and Live Music Events
10% Off on MATSUYAMA Ballet Tickets
It presents the Beaujolais Nouveaux on 3rd Thursday of November
It presents the champagne to a Christmas